Domain - Growth Stage 0 - Awakening

The Tree has come into individual existence as a spiritual domain.

The Tree can store essence.

Essence enters the Tree from the mortal bodies of the awakened as well as from people who interact with and think of the awakened.

The awakened can draw essence from the Tree assimilate innate powers or ameliorate instability.

The awakened can draw essence from the Tree to create aura (of Leaves, Heartwood, or Roots).

Note that when the awakened are at the Tree they do not need to generate aura. Instead they use the essence stored in the Tree directly. Their aura level is calculated from the amount of essence stored in the Tree unless that would be higher than the Tree’s growth stage (domain level) which is the maximum aura size.

The Tree can now grow.

Every night, at midnight, the Tree will absorb 1/10th (rounding down) of the essence stored within it. These points convert into growth toward the Tree’s next stage.

The amount of growth required to reach the next stage equals ten times the level number of the stage to be reached, (ie, 10pts for stage 1, then another 20 to reach stage 2, etc).

The Tree’s growth stage is the maximum Release Level and Aura level an awakened can achieve.

Awakened can only ameliorate and / or assimilate points of essence in a day equal to the Tree’s growth stage. The essence value of soul fragments absorbed decreases this limit for the day. This limit resets at midnight.

Domain - Growth Stage 0 - Awakening

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