Domain - Introspection - Dot 0 - Devour

The character lays hands on their victim. Phloem like veins stand out under the skin of their hands and arms. Streaks of green flow upward as they try to fragments from their victim’s soul and devour them.

Cost 1 aura per attempt
Note Can be performed as part of a grapple.
Requirement The victim’s soul must still be attached to its body, (usually within a few rounds of death or destruction).
Requirement The devourer must touch the victim. Must spend a grapple advantage against living, unwilling victims.
Action Main, Extended, once per round.
Roll [Current Will + Release level (up to dots in domain)] verse [victim’s Will]
Note The victim gets a will roll even if they are dead / destroyed, you’re trying to eat their soul!
Note Multiple characters can attempt to devour the same victim. The victim gets one resist roll per round with any excess successes counting against subsequent devour attempts.
Modifiers If the victim is ‘alive’ (active) it gets +2 dice per uninjured health level and +1 dice for every health level containing only bashing damage.
Modifiers Taking damage or strong distractions between devour actions in an extended attempt penalize the devourer’s rolls.
Effect Veins rise in the character’s arms which streak with green from where it grasps the victim.
Effect For each success the character rips a random fragment out of the victim’s soul which passes through the devourer into the Tree’s reserve. When as many fragments as can be are ripped out the soul breaks apart leaving the victim’s body deader than dead.
Note The devourer may immediately Absorb one of the fragments it devours from a victim as they pass through.
Note The devourer may immediately break down soul fragments it devours from a victim passing the resulting raw essence through into the Tree.
Effect While devouring the character is distracted, suffering a four dice penalty to all other rolls.
Effect The victim takes two stagger damage per soul fragment removed (it is incredibly painful and traumatizing).
Effect On a botch the victim’s soul slips free from the character’s grasp and is gone (no second chance to devour) unless another character is devouring that soul at the same time and “keeps hold of it” so to speak.
Note Devouring does not yield a soul fragment for each attribute, skill, or power the victim had. See observed yields for a rough guide.
Note Stopping an extended devour attempt once commenced is likely to require a temptation check.
Note If a victim survives a partial devouring they are likely to suffer permanent trauma and derangement.

A character holding a Seed of Life can release the aura invested within it into their own expressed aura.

Requirement Must be holding a Seed of Life.
Limitation Can only release an amount of aura up to the difference between currently expressed aura and maximum aura size (see aura).
Cost None
Action Minor
Effect The Seed of Life loses the nominated points of aura.
Effect The character’s expressed aura gains the nominated points of aura.
Note If a Seed of Life is reduced to zero aura it is destroyed.
Note Since the character didn’t spend essence to generate this aura they do not gain malevolence when releasing aura from a cintamani. Their expressed aura does of course affect their release level.
Note This is not the only way to try and consume a cintamani. Eating one directly (without using the devour power) is likely to cause the aura contained within to act on the person’s body directly for example. Other energy working creatures may be able to do stuff with them too… Cintamani are cool.

The character can ingest other material rich in supernatural vigor (vampire blood, quintessence, etc) and Devour it, feeding essence into the Tree.

Requirement Must physically consume the material
Cost None
Action Part of the action of consumption.

The character can devour its own vessel.

Requirement The aspect must be merged with a mortal vessel.
Cost 1 aura per attempt.
Action Main, Extended, Once per round
Effect The aspect devours [ current Will + Release Level] soul fragments from itself, passing them into the Tree. This is very painful.
Note The awakened chooses from where the soul fragments are taken. They can not come from innate powers, but can come from non-innate powers, skills, attributes, and merits in which the awakened has experience points remaining. The essence value of each soul fragment torn free is random, from 1 essence up to five or a value equal to the exp remaining in that trait. Parts of the character’s knowledge (esp of rituals) may be imprinted on the fragment.
Effect The vessel loses exp equal to the essence value of fragments taken from powers, skills, attributes, merits, etc. This may lower its dots in that trait. If fragments contain specific knowledge (eg rituals) then the vessels partially or wholly loses its understanding of that knowledge. Other types of memories etc might be affected too.
Note Reducing any attribute to zero is likely to kill or otherwise render a vessel unusable (catatonic, vegetative, etc). Dead vessels must be consumed quickly or their souls will dissipate (dots in innate powers stay with the aspect).
Effect The vessel gains Instability equal to the value of soul fragments removed. This is awakened type instability. It has no taint level side effects and can be ameliorated. Absorbing awakened type fragments gives the absorbing vessel instability too.

Domain - Introspection - Dot 0 - Devour

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