Experience Rates

Experience points

Experience points are a finer grained abstraction used to measure a character’s improvement toward their next dot in an attribute, skill, or power.

Gaining a Dot

To gain the next dot in a statistic you must accumulate experience (in that statistic) equal to the dot to be gained. Experience from previous dots does not count.

For Example: If a character currently has the second dot in strength they’ll need to accumulate three experience points (in strength) to gain the third dot. Then they would need to accumulate four more experience points to gain the fourth dot and so on.

This is true regardless of whether you are developing an attribute, skill, or power.

Simple huh :)

Gaining Experience

The trick is in how you gain the exp points.

A character can gain experience points fairly… directly via either: Assimilation (innate powers only), or Absorption.

Otherwise they can study and train regularly like every other poor sap has to.

To have their character train the player describes the regular efforts the character is putting in (research, lessons, practice sessions, and so forth). I’ll allow a character to be doing a couple of types of training during the same period, especially if they complement (like a skill and the attribute used with that skill). At three simultaneous training efforts you’d be starting to get into “too busy to actually participate in the story’s events” territory. Even before then there may occasionally be conflicts.

After training for a certain period of time the character can make a roll using the stat being trained. Successes yield exp, but only up to the next dot, (no spill over toward the dot after from a single roll). You can guess what botches do…

The period between rolls gets longer as the dot being trained gets higher:

Dot Time
1 Half a day (intense, exclusive), or one week (normal)
2 One Month
3 One Year
4 Five Years
5 One Decade

muhahahahahaha – but seriously, please note that this is actually still a pretty heroic progression. You could get the equivalent of a couple university degrees with industry experience in each after just one year of training like this… Its just that the world of darkness system has very granular modeling of stats.

Experience Rates

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