Health represents how… healthy your character is, as in, how much it is not dead.

Your character’s Health equals:
{Maximum Health – Damage taken}

If a character’s health is reduced to four or less then it takes penalties to most rolls. These are as follows:

4 health remaining -1 dice to all rolls.
3 health remaining -2 dice to all rolls.
2 health remaining -4 dice to all rolls.
1 health remaining -6 dice to all rolls.

If a character’s Current Health is reduced to zero or less it is either unconscious or dead, depending on the types of damage it has taken.

Your character’s Maximum Health equals its:
{Stamina + 5}.

Damage comes in three flavors; Aggravated, Lethal, and Bashing.

Aggravated damage is very severe (burns, maceration, things the character is supernaturally susceptible to, etc). Such wounds usual take months for a normal human to recover from and often leave permanent disability. Aggravated damage resists most types of supernatural healing. If a person takes Aggravated damage equal to their maximum health they are dead.

Lethal damage is… lethal in large enough doses (cuts, breaks, internal bleeding). If they survive, a normal person will take weeks to recover from such wounds, having a chance to reduce one level of Lethal to a Bashing each night. If a person’s combined Aggravated and Lethal damage equals their maximum health they are dead.

Bashing damage is the least dangerous. A human generally heals one level of bashing damage per night. If a person is not yet dead, but adding their bashing damage would make total damage equal maximum health then they are unconcious. Further levels of bashing damage the person receives beyond this “upgrade” earlier levels of bashing damage to lethal damage until the person is dead.

Stagger penalty is technically a fourth kind of damage in that it can be healed, but it doesn’t interact directly with the Health mechanic.

When marking damage health is marked with boxes. Starting from the non wound penalty end, mark Aggravated damage with a three stroke star, then Lethal damage with a two stroke cross, then bashing damage with one stroke.

When you receive new damage you can add it to the appropriate box by adding a stroke and ‘bump’ old, lesser types of damage along by crossing more boxes.


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