This is a page for tracking locations of significant items which the characters are not carrying on their person:

In Vehicles they’re driving:

The Light Armoured Vehicle (It’s khaki and amphibious):

Bushmaster chain driven 25mm auto cannon.

3x boxes 25mm autocannon ammo (200rds per box on a belt).

4x Austeyr assault rifles (clips mostly empty).

1x Austeyr assault rifle with underslung grenade launcher, (empty of bullets but with grenade rounds inside).

5x 9mm handguns (clips full).

2x Army issue body armour.

3x Heavily damaged Army issue body armour.

3x Damaged but fixable Army uniforms (varying insignia).

3x Damaged but fixable Army Issue gear webbing.

4x Army issue Combat Helmets (with pickups).

7x Spare clips for Austeyr assault rifles (mostly empty)

4x Spare rounds for the grenade launcher.

4x Combat Knives.

3x Usable Army issue Boots.

2x Electricians tool boxes, including some Occult multimeter type tools.

1x Personal Journal (a betting book).

+ other stuff in storage ect that the character’s haven’t looked at yet.

The GWagon (A overgrown four wheel drive with a canvas troop carry back):

A bunch of the squad’s supplies and stuff that the characters haven’t looked at yet.

Isobella’s armoured SUV (Black, driver’s side dent & bullet marks):

10x Cartons of boxes of dried foods.

10x Cartons of tinned food.

10x Cartons of bottles of water.

10x Cartons of rolls of aluminum foil.

In Barricade at one end of Belinda’s street:

Belinda’s fourwheel drive.

Stolen fourwheel drive A (has winch and cable).

Stolen fourwheel drive B.

In front of Belinda’s House:

Armoured sedan from elysium (bullet marks).

Isobella’s sedan (probably armoured).

Erin’s moped.

Attached to Belinda’s House

High quality solar pannels (from Chandra Ultavi’s house).

A high capacity inverter (from Chandra Ultavi’s house).

2x racks of house batteries (from Chandra Ultavi’s house).

Belinda’s House – Study

Bundle of Chandra Ultavi’s books and scrolls in unknown language (contain traces of vampiric power).

Isobella’s books & maps (geomancy and thaumaturgy).

Isobella’s ritual implements and materials.

Belinda’s Basement – Tools / Melee Weapons:

2x Pole Sabers

Full Length Brush Hook



Heavy duty hedge trimmer.

3x Timber axes.

1x Hatchet.

1x Machete.

1x Combat Knife.

4x Quality Lock Blade Pocket Knives.

1x Ten Inch Bayonet

1x Meat Cleaver.

2x Kitchen Knife.

Belinda’s Basement – Guns:

3x 9mm Uzis (30rd detachable magazine).

2x .308 Bolt Action Rifles (5rd inline magazine).

5×. .223 Bolt Action Rifles (scope, 10rd detachable magazine).

5x Twelve Gauge Lever Action Shotguns (8rd inline magazine).

1x .44 Magnum Revolver (6 chambers, old).

1x Police Issue Tazer.

1x Police Issue 10mm handgun (15rd detachable clip {full}).

Belinda’s Basement – Ammunition:

3x Boxes of Broad Head Hunting Arrow Tips (20 tips per box).

11x Boxes of 10 guage shells (20 shells per box).

47x Boxes of 12 gauge shells (20 shells per box).

1x Open Box 12 gauge shells (14 shells).

2x Boxes of 12 gauge Single Slug shells (20 shells per box).

22x Boxes of .22lr bullets (50 bullets per box).

33x Boxes of .223 / 5mm bullets (50 bullets per box).

29x Boxes of 9mm bullets (30 bullets per box).

1x Open Box of 9mm bullets (12 bullets).

3x Boxes of Hollow Point 9mm bullets (30 bullets per box).

19x Boxes of .308 bullets (20 bullets per box).

1x Box of Air Gun Pellets (100 pellets).

1x Box of .357 Magnum Hollow Point bullets (20 bullets).

1x Box of Unprimed and Empty .308 Brass casings (20 casings).

12x loose 10mm bullets

Belinda’s Basement – Stuff for Guns:

3x Scopes for rifles.

8x Laser pointers for pistols.

1x Digital Camera for rifles.

2x Ten Round Clip for detachable mag .223 rifles.

3x Ten Round Clip for 9mm handguns.

3x Thirty Round Clip for 9mm Uzi.

1x Fifteen Round Clip for 10mm handgun.

1x Flimsy Plastic Clip Locking Thingy.

1x Carton of Bottles of Barrel Lubricant.

1x Carton of Duck Whistles.

1x Carton of Ear Plugs.

1x Carton of Clay Targets.

Belinda’s spare room – Lisa’s guns and gear

2x .308 hunting rifle. (5 round inline magazine).

1x ten gauge shot gun (8 round inline magazine).

1x .300 sig assault rifle (30 round detachable magazine).

1x sports bag with:

3x Thirty round Clip for .300 assault rifle.

5x boxes of .300 bullets (20 bullets per box).

12x boxes of .308 bullets (20 bullets per box).

8x boxes of 10 gauge shells (20 shells per box).

1x backpack with Lisa’s spare clothes + some food & water.

Belinda’s Spare Rooms – Gear:

3x Family Tents.

7x Sleeping bags.

5x Inflatable mattresses.

2x Tarpaulins.

5x Bags of Clothes & Personal Possessions.

4x Fishing Rods.

4x Boxes Fishing Tackle.

1x Camp Barbeque Set.

1x Set Recovery Tracks.

50m Tow Rope.

1x Vehicle Jack.

1x Manual Lever Winch.

1x Small Petrol Generator.

1x String Camping Lights.

1x Small Camp Fridge.

4x Garbage bags filled with stuff from servo shelves (esp batteries and torches).

1x Ball Valve Siphon Hose.

3x Tool boxes of Automechanic Tools.

4x Mechanic’s Strip Lights.

6x Camouflage Jackets (waterproof).

1x Camouflage Pants.

1x Binoculars (digital camo pattern, 10x zoom).

2x Camouflage Sleeping Bags.

6x Sports Bags.

3x Back Packs

Expensive clothing, jewelry , and household goods (from Chandra Ultavi’s house).

Sleeping bag, bag of clothes, bag of food, camp cooker (stolen from a survivors house).

4x wallets (from a jogger as well as Will, Phil, and Con (ganger vamps).

4x mobile phones (from a jogger as well as ganger vamps, one locked).

1x plastic baggie with a gram of white powder (from a gagmer vamp).

Belinda’s House – Fuel:

4x Jerry Cans (20L) (full, petrol).

5x Lawn Mower Tins (10L) (full, petrol).

2x Lawn Mower Tins (10L) (full, two stroke petrol).

1x Carton of Bottles (1L) of Kerosine.

12x Medium swap&go Gas Bottles (9kg) (full).

20x Small swap&go Gas (4kg) (full).

5x Bundles Firewood (plastic wrapped).

Belinda’s Pantry – Food:

36x Ration Packs (from Isobella’s go bags)

1x Large Esky of Camping Food.

15x Cartons of Canned Food.

10x Cartons of Packets of Dried Peas, Lentils, Beans, etc.

3x Cartons of Boxes of Cereal.

2x Cartons of Boxes of UHT Milk.

1x Cartons of Bottles of Manuka Honey.

1x Big Bag of Fresh Garlic (from Long Night).

Belinda’s House – Water:

2x Eskys of Beer.

150x Bottles Water (600ml).

30x Bottles Soft Drink (600ml).

Belinda’s House – Other Supplies:

1x Carton of Boxes of Band Aids.

1x Carton of Boxes of Antiseptic Cream.

1x Carton of Boxes of Panadol.

1x Carton of Bottles of Mouth Wash.

1x Carton of Bottles of Iodine.

1x Carton of Boxes of Condoms.

1x Carton of Boxes of Matches.

1x Carton of Bottles of Lighter Fluid.

1x Carton of Bottles of Motor Oil.

Belinda’s House – Empty Containers:

12x Lawn Mower Tins (10L)(empty).

Belinda’s House – Garden Shed:

1x Roll of Barbed Wire.

Pile of Sharpened Stakes (long).

1x Hacksaw.

1x Angle Grinder.

Buried under Belinda’s garden shed (wrapped in a tarp):

2x .308 bolt action rifles with inline 5 round magazines

1x .348 bolt action rifle with a 5 round magazine (second hand)

1x .45 breach loading rifle (second hand)

1x 10 gauge shotgun (breach loading)

2x 9mm semi auto handgun with 10 round magazine

15x boxes of .308 bullets (20 bullets per box)

10x boxes of 9mm bullets (30 bullets per box)

10x boxes of 10 gauge shells (20 shells per box)


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