Obfuscate - Dot 1 - Sleight Aversion

A subtle coercion that reduces nearby peoples’ ability to notice you when you lie, steal, or hide.

Cost Variable Aura. Maximum spend equals Release Level up to dots in Obfuscate.
Action Negligible
Effect -1 dice per aura spent to the perception check each nearby person uses to notice an attempt you make to lie, steal, or hide from them.
Note Supernatural creatures may contest the effect itself, after you spend aura.

They roll their [Will + spiritual strength / sensory powers]. You roll [will + Release Level up to dots in Obfuscate].

If you win, then the penalty they take to their perception check equals your net successes or the amount of aura you spent, whichever is lower.

If they win they take no penalty to the original perception check, and may make a perception check to notice the Aversion itself. This second perception check is penalized by your [Release level up to dots in Obfuscate – their successes on first roll].
Note People who are far away from the character, or viewing the character via recorded media etc, are neither affected by, or able to directly detect, the coercive effect.

Obfuscate - Dot 1 - Sleight Aversion

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