Obfuscate - Dot 3 - Acceptance

The character cloaks themselves in an aura of familiarity and belonging.

Cost Aura enough for desired Effect Level.
Action Minor.
Duration While maintain sufficient Release Level.
Effect -1 success per effect level to rolls nearby people make to question the character’s identity or right to be there.

If the roll fails the person assumes they know, or know of, the character, and that the character has every right to be where they are.

Even if the roll succeeds by a little bit, although the person becomes suspicious they may still be lulled by smooth talking (with acceptance aiding these contested rolls too).
Note People usually get a roll to question a character’s identity and right to be in a location when they first see or meet a character in a scene, and / or when the character acts, especially if the character acts in an unexpected or inappropriate manner. People may get situational bonuses too, (it’s harder to believe a stranger belongs in your small army squad or secret society meeting than at a big party for example).
Note Acceptance is a coercive supernatural effect and may be detected and resisted as such by people with relevant powers, especially if the detection or resistance doesn’t require conscious direction.
Note People far away from the character, or viewing the character by recorded media etc, are unaffected by Acceptance.

Obfuscate - Dot 3 - Acceptance

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